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High quality full colour Correx signage boards.
• Available in 3mm, 3.5mm and 5mm thickness
• Ideal for estate agent boards and outdoor signage
• Quick turn around times and quality service

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Job Summary

We will email you a link to a PDF proof within 6 hours.

What finishes are right for me?

Square Cut

Standard finish with square cut edges.   

Arrow Cut

Arrow shaped boards for direction pointing.

Metal Eyelets

Round metal eyelets inserted into the corners for hanging or mounting purposes.


I don't have a design what can i do?

We can offer you a full design package. Give us a call on +27(0)870125340 or email us on

What is Correx?

Correx is a recyclable, environmentally friendly material made from extruded Polypropylene board. Great for outdoors or indoor use. It provides a low cost option for estate boards or simple signage.

What is an eyelet and how many do I need?

An eyelet is a metal ring punched and inserted into the Correx board. The number of eyelets required depends on your desired use. Estate agent boards generally have one in each corner allowing for easy application to poles.

What format should I send my file/FILES in?

The best format is a print ready pdf with 3mm bleed (bleed is the printing that goes beyond the edge of were the trim will occur). If you have other artwork please send it to us and we can assess the quality, size and advise you on your artwork.

What thickness of correx is right for me?

The most common thickness is 3mm for estate boards. Areas with high winds we recommend the 3.5mm board. The 5mm board gives added strength and durability. 

Why should I order from you?

The million dollar question. We offer the full spectrum of print in-house with an eye for quality. Ensuring we meet all the requirements of you our valued customer. We have decades of experience in the print industry and pride ourselves on service, quality and speedy turn-around times.

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