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Be bold with your business…cards

Leave a lasting impression with the right business card that suites your business. The business card is a powerful tool to ensure you capture the attention of your potential clients. Don’t let your business card let you down.

We offer a full spectrum of print and design for business cards. Let us guide you through the process of developing a great business card for your business.

How to make your card work for you?

  1. Keep it simple – Too much information or too little information could deter your clients. Know what you wish to pass on to your clients so they have the right information at their fingertips.
  2. Size does matter – 90x50mm is the standard business card size that fits in a wallet. Stand out from the crowd with a unique slim or square card. The design alters for each design ensure you know what works for you.
  3. Paper – Not all papers are equal… The texture of your card, look, feel or even the weight could add that extra affect for your business. If you require a natural looking card a cheap alternative is Kraft Board, making it look natural and clean. Linen textured paper is more expensive but with a simplistic design gives an incredible look and feel.
  4. Colours – When printing digitally or lithographically colours change due to the process. Get a sample printed, always sign off your cards before doing a print run and your brand rely on consistency.
  5. Finishes – The list is end less for the potential finishes you could do to make your card look extra special. Gold foiling is an expensive but gives that luxury feel to your brand. Matt or Gloss lamination, not only makes the cards last longer but give an allure of quality to your business. Round corners or die cut (cut to a special shape) makes you stand out from the crowded business sector. Think about the message you are sending your clients when using finishes on your cards.

Business cards are a powerful tool to enable growth in your business. Select the right options to win your clients hearts and minds with a quality and well thought out design and printed card. If you need advice or simply want to see what other options we can provide you email us on to get a bespoke price and options.

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