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Understanding Bleed

Getting the most out of your printing experience, relies on a few simple tips and tricks. The jargon in the print world can be consuming and seem impossible for the average person attempting to use Canva or other online design programs to save on design costs.

The key to a professional looking printed product is ensuring you have bleed. Before we can understand bleed, we need to fully understand the make up of a professional print file.

  1. The Safe Area – 3mm from the edge of the page right around the design is the safe area. This ensures when cutting that nothing important will be cut off or partially cut off.
  2. Trim Marks – The marks on the final print product for the final size of the document or design. This is the direction for the guillotine operator where to cut and also the ability to line double sided pages in a professional manner.
  3. Bleed – The area that extends past the trim marks, 3mm from the edge of the final printed product. This allows no unwanted white borders and a professional final product. On most design programs you can set the page before you begin the design. When saving it is always best to save as a press quality PDF with 3mm bleed.

The overall design of your print requirements could hinge on the design itself, to get the highest quality print. Making sure you have 3mm bleed and a 3mm safety margin will immediately give you the best chance to have a product that is proffessional.

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